Depth Strider Minecraft: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices Guide

An armor enchantment called Depth Strider quickens movement while submerged. Depth Strider has three stages, and at each level, the player’s slowness in the water is decreased by ⅓. This also lessens the pace at which players are pushed by flowing water by ⅓. Interestingly, Armor Stands donning the impacted armor are also subject to these mechanics. You also may know about Minecraft FoxObserver Recipe, Map,  saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine.

Only Boots can use Depth Strider Minecraft; commands can be used to apply it to other armor pieces as well. Beyond level III, using commands to advance the level won’t add any extra speed.

How to get the Depth Strider Minecraft Enchantment

One thing you should do as soon as possible in Minecraft is enchant your equipment. The extra advantages of Enchantments—among them, Unbreaking, Silk Touch, and Mending—can significantly enhance your experience in a foreign realm.

Depth Strider can be obtained by using an Enchanted Book at an anvil that contains the Depth Strider Enchantment, or by directly enchanting your boots at an Enchanting Table.

One rather uncommon enchantment that can be used on boots is the Depth Strider Enchantment. You cannot get this Enchantment on any other equipment; it only appears on boots. The highest level of enchantment for Depth Strider is three.

Incompatible Enchantments

You will never see Depth Strider when enchanting your boots if you already have Frost Walker on them. This is because Depth Strider and Frost Walker cannot be applied simultaneously. Make sure you take off Frost Walker or put on another pair of boots.

How to Wear the Enchanted Boots

You must put on the enchanted boots as soon as you obtain them with Depth Strider’s help. The faster underwater movement won’t happen until the boots are on.

Transfer the boots adorned with Depth Strider from your storage to the boots box of your persona.
As the boots are worn in, you will notice a change in your character’s appearance.

You will move underwater much more quickly now that you have the enchanted boots on your feet.
Congratulations! You now know everything there is to know about Minecraft’s Depth Strider enchantment.

Depth Strider Effects In Minecraft

With Depth Strider, you can move faster underwater. Level three will have you swimming as quickly as you can walk on land. Moreover, the water’s flow will push you more slowly when using Depth Strider.

Supported Platforms

The following versions of Minecraft support the Depth Strider enchantment:

Items to Enchant with Depth Strider in Minecraft

The following items in Minecraft can be enchanted with Depth Strider:

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