GPO Map: Guide Of Locations in Grand Piece Online

Grand Piece Online is a Roblox online seafaring game based on the One Piece anime and manga series. GPO gives players free rein to explore a wondrous Waterworld that should be very familiar to fans of Luffy and his motley crew. In Grand Piece Online, the GPO Map is a valuable ingredient.

The game includes a growing number of islands to explore, with new areas being added regularly. Furthermore, GPO includes a plethora of minigames and activities for players to enjoy, making it the ideal game for One Piece fans of all ages. For more Guides regarding popular games.

GPO Map (Grand Piece Map)

Grand Piece Online is an MMORPG game set in a fantasy world. The Grand Piece online overworld is divided into two major regions: the First Sea and the Second Sea.

The first sea is also known as the Sea of Phoeyu, while the second is known as the New World.
Each of these regions has its own set of islands, each with a different difficulty level and item to collect.

The GPO Map and complete details of these two seas are below.

GPO First Sea Map (Sea of Phoeyu)

Island NameReq. LevelNPCsHostile NPCsMiscsPurchasableDrops
Arlong Park70+Waby, ViSaw Shark, Fishman PirateRobo, BomiKiribachi (5%)
Baratie40+Black Leg
Coco IslandAnyDisable Jambe,
Fishman CaveAnyBradBubble
Fishman Colosseum
Fishman Island190+Becky, Jenny, Janny, Leza, JinFishman Karate User, Ryu, NeptuneRoboFishman KarateRyu’s Katana, Shark Necklace, Neptune’s Crown, Neptune’s Trident
Gravito’s Fort160+Miska, Yourg, VergaGravito’s Undermen, Gravito’s Guard, GravitoBomi, RoboHoverboard (1%), Gravito’s Cape (5%), Gravity Blade (5%)
Island of Zou30+Zen, Barrel Buyer, CarrotZou InhabitantRobo, Bomi
Mink Combat (Electric Fighting Style)
Carrot (50%)
Kori Island80+RayYetiBomiBusoshoku Haki
Land of the Sky (Skypiea)105+Kenbunshoku Haki, Potions
Marine Base G-1240+Marine Captain’s Cape (5%), Captain Zhen’s Cape (5%), Bisento (1%)
Marine Fort F-1Any
Mysterious CliffAnyLifaRokushiki
Neptune’s Throne230+Neptune’s Trident (1%), Neptune’s Crown (5%)
Orange Town50+LamiStar Clown, Clown PiratesRobo, BomiBuggy Cape (10%)
Reverse Mountain345+Eternal Pose
Roca IslandAny
Jaggy, Billy
Robo, BomiOne-Sword-Style, Katana
Ryu’s Palace210+Shark Necklace (5%), Ryu’s Blade (5%)
Sandora10+Tina, Noah, TyroneDesert Bandits, Lucid’s Lad, Lucid’s Righthand, LucidRobo, BomiEternal PoseBazooka (25%)
Sea Serpent (Rough Waters)200+Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer’s Armor Set (1%), Seabeast Katana (5%), Slayer’s Mask (1%), Random Fruit (3%)
Shell’s Town20+Corrupt MarineBomiGalleon, Hammer, Potions, Barrels
Metal Jaw (25%)
Sphinx Island65+Max, GonnyMonkey, Gorilla KingRobo, Bomi
Gorilla King Crown (5%)
Town of BeginningsAnyRaphtalia, Marquan, Sarah, Jay, Ronny, Lily, Lion’s PrideBandit, Bandit BossRobo, BomiCaravel, Rowboat, Cannonballs, Planks, Den Den Mushi, Hammer, Pistol, Rifle, Shovel, Eternal PoseEye Patch (50%)
??? Shrine325+Word Scroll

Second Sea Map GPO (New World)

Island NameReq. LevelNPCsHostile NPCsMiscPurchasableDrops
Colosseum of ArcAny
Desert Island325+Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo FoodKingdom Guard Outfit (20%),
Cho’s Crown (5%),
Crab Cutlass (1%),
Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape (5%),
Golden Hook (5%)
Rough Waters325+
Rovo IslandAny
Sashi Island325+2 Sword StyleMusashi’s Hate (5 attempts),
Musashi’s Rose Katana (5 attempts),
Musashi’s Crimson Katana (5 attempts),
Musashi’s Karuta (5 attempts)
Spirit IslandAnyBusoshoku V2

Grand Piece Online Map Location

Grand Piece Online’s game landscape is separated into islands, each with its own set of characteristics and difficulties. The following are some of the islands that players can visit in the game:

Grand Piece Online Map Starting

  • Town of Beginnings (any level):-Purchasable: Potions, Wooden Planks, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Shovel, Shotgun Drops for Cannon Balls, Pistols, and Rifles >> Bandit Boss (50%), Eye Patch
  • Marine Fort F-1 (any level) :- Obtainable >> None – Drop > None

Skypiea map (Land of the Sky)

A secret island floating above the clouds is called Skypiea, or the Land of the Sky. On the map of the First Sea, it is situated in the northeast. See the Knock-Up Stream (a tornadic waterspout rising from the middle of the sea) by going to the location shown on the GPO map. You can reach the Land of the Sky by sailing into the waterspout.

Island NameReq. LevelNPCsHostile NPCsMiscPurchasablesDrops
Golden City155+JeffThunder GodKenbunshoku HakiGolden Staff (5%), Tomoe Drums (1%)
Heaven’s GateAny
Malcom’s Lair145+Malcolm, Malcolm’s Lefthand, Malcolm’s RighthandShotgun (5%)
Sky Castle110+Zhen, MuskCastle Guard, Head GuardianGuardian’s Helmet (5%), Skyblue Katana (5%)
Sky Town District 1AnyRobo, Bomi, AmyLand of the Sky Eternal Pose, Potions
Sky Town District 2105+VegoSky Bandit
Sky Town District 3135+Bibby, VivaRobo
The Tree125+Teza, Rae, RazeBruno, Sky GuardiansSkypiean Glide AbilityBurn Bazook (5%)

Note: Only after you’ve attained level 700 can you jump into the second sea.

This is all about GPO Map. If you face any problems or have any questions about GPO Map, please comment below as we regularly read the comments.


What is the required level to go to Second Sea GPO?

Only after you’ve attained level 700 can you jump into the second sea!

Where are the rough waters in GPO Sea 1?

Rough Waters can be found in Transylvania’s waters if you’re traveling east. When you face the island with your boat, you can attack the Sea Beasts and Krakens.

Where is Sky Island in GPO?

This island is reached by the one-way Knock-Up Stream in the sky.

Where to find Sphinx Island Gpo?

After conquering Restaurant Baratie Island, the next challenge awaits you on Sphinx Island.

How can I travel from Skypiea to Roca Island?

After leaving Shells Town, go east to reach Roca Island!

How can I go from Fort GPO to Gravito?

Once you have completed Update 1 (175) to the fullest extent, you can explore Gravito Fort to the northeast of Arlong Park!

In GPO, where is the town of shells?

This island lacks a spawn point for Robo. Sandora is home to the closest one.

How can I travel from Shells Town to Baratie?

With 450 stamina, you can Sky Walk from Orange Town to this island.

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