How Many Hours Is Hogwarts Legacy

After boarding the train at platform nine and a quarter, there is a good deal to do in Hogwarts Legacy. Prepare yourself to experience an action role-playing game unlike any other by gathering your favorite casting device, the house elf, and owl. This is our analysis of the time required to complete Hogwarts Legacy.

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Discover the world of Harry Potter in the 1800s, centuries before “The Boy Who Lived” was born, with Hogwarts Legacy. Moreover, how many hours is Hogwarts Legacy? Cast spine-tingling spells, explore the expansive wizard campus, and discover the mysteries hidden inside the franchise’s legacy. You have access to all the things your middle school self could want, except for Quidditch.

How Many Hours is Hogwarts Legacy

An eight-year Hogwarts education typically entails eight arduous years of fighting dementors, honing your casting skills, and even picking up a few sentences in parseltongue. However, one cannot experience that same amount of immersion in a computer game, therefore Hogwarts Legacy has had to reduce some of the extracurricular activities.

The majority of players will need 25 to 30 hours to finish Hogwarts Legacy. There are numerous things that can prolong your playthrough, and that number isn’t as permanent as an Avada Kedavra spell.Your experience can be extended to about 50 hours by upping the difficulty, finishing more side tasks, or just lollygagging around the enormous castle’s grounds.

How Big is Hogwarts Legacy

It is a large Hogwarts Legacy map. Its actual size is 2.95 square miles. During your time in-game, you’ll have a tonne of maps to peruse and various places to visit.

Although there are many larger game maps available, we assure you that 2.95 square miles is more than sufficient to occupy for several hours.

  • Clagmar Coast
  • Coastal Cavern
  • Cragcroftshire
  • Feldcroft Region
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Hogsmeade Valley
  • Hogwarts
  • Hogwarts Valley
  • Manor Cape
  • Marunweem Lake
  • North Ford Bog
  • North Hogwarts Region
  • Poidsear Coast
  • South Hogwarts Region
  • South Sea Bog

There are hamlets scattered around the terrain, each with its own local shops and NPC inhabitants, along with hidden treasures and collectibles to discover. Thus, you ought to have plenty to do!

How many Chapters are there in Hogwarts Legacy

There are twelve primary story quests in Hogwarts Legacy, each of which has several sidequests to complete. Some just need a little preparation, while others involve some legwork to integrate you into the narrative.

Eventually, you’ll also need to finish specific assignments from academics to advance the story, which will require you to go on side missions. The chapter names may give away some minor plot details, so beware.

Here is a list of the primary mission chapters for individuals who are determined to graduate from Hogwarts as soon as feasible.

  • Prologue
  • Attend Your First Day at Hogwarts
  • Find the Secret in the Restricted Section
  • Living as a Student Until Professor Fig Returns
  • Tell Professor Fig About the Map Chamber
  • Complete the First Keeper Trial
  • Improve Your Magical Abilities to Access the Next Trial
  • Prepare for Your Search for the Next Keeper
  • Prepare for Your Search for the Final Keeper
  • Stop Ranrok and Rookwood
  • Prepare for Your O.W.L.S.
  • Stop Ranrok
  • Post-Game

You can still accomplish a good deal of things after completing the main story. You can help choose which house will win the yearly house cup and tournament, finish one of the game’s numerous side objectives, or gather every page of the Wizard’s Field Guide (albeit that task won’t activate until you reach level 34). Warner Bros. and Portkey Games invested heavily in building a vast universe where players could wear cloaks and wield wands, throwing their support behind the game.

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