How Many Planets In Starfield | Comprehensive Guide

The much-anticipated role-playing game Starfield from Bethesda invites players to set out on interplanetary adventures within The Settled Systems, where they will find hidden gems and encounter unexpected obstacles. If you are a styled player of Minecraft and want to discover more about Minecraft FoxObsidian, bed, painting, Book, Bricks, Grindstone Recipe, Depth Strider, Observer Recipe, Map,  saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine. If you want to learn about where is neon in Starfield

The game’s director, Todd Howard, has referred to Starfield as “Skyrim in space.” A lot of planets have been made available for exploration in the run-up to launch, so you may be wondering how many you can land on. Ultimately you will know about how many planets in Starfield.

How Many Planets in Starfield

The role-playing game employs procedurally generated technology to present a diverse range of bizarre and stunning locations for players to discover. There are more than a thousand planets to search for in addition to moons and space stations.

About 10% of the planets that will make up Starfield have life on them, according to Howard. This makes sense, though, since it will probably be difficult to create 100 different planets with a variety of living things. He continued, “We’re pushing it to the limit of what people believe: which planets have resources versus those that are in that Goldilocks Zone?”

You could easily lose track of which planet and where it is given the game’s astoundingly large number of planets and moons! Our comprehensive list of all 1692 planets and moons in Starfield, along with information on which star system they are located in, whether or not they are home to life, and much more, can be found in this guide.

List of Planets in Starfield

Naturally, we won’t list every planet in Starfield—there are approximately 1,000 to discover. Alternatively, these are a few of the most notable planets you will encounter in your missions and quests.

NameSurface TypeSystem
Akila RockCheyenne
Al-Battani V
Alchiba IVAlchiba
Alchiba VIIAlchiba
Alchiba XAlchiba
Algorab III
Alpha Andraste IIAlpha Andraste
Alpha Andraste IIIAlpha Andraste
Altair II
AnselonGas GiantNarion
Aranae IAranae
Arcturus IIIIce GiantArcturus
Bardeen III
Beta Ternion III
BondarRockAlpha Centauri
Cassiopeia I
Cassiopeia IV
Charybdis III RockCharybdis
DeepalaGas GiantNarion
Enlil V
Freya IX
Gagarin RockAlpha Centauri
Groombridge VIII
JemisonRockAlpha Centauri
Kumasi III
Moloch IMoloch
Nemeria IVNemeria
Nirvana II
OlivasGas GiantAlpha Centauri
Piazzi IV
Piazza VII
Porrima IBarrenPorrima
Porrima IIIRockPorrima
Porrima IVPorrima
Porrima VPorrima
Procyon IIIProcyon A
Rasalhague I
Sagan IIceSagan
Syrma I
Tau Ceti IITau Ceti
Tau Ceti VIIITau Ceti
Tidacha I
Verne II
Volii AlphaVolii

List of Starfield Moons

All 25 confirmed Starfield moons:

MoonPlanetSurface TypeSystem
Al-Battani V-A
Alchiba IV-AAlchiba
Alchiba VII-BAlchiba
Alchiba X-BAlchiba
Algorab III-B
Cassiopeia IV-A
ChawlaOlivasIceAlpha Centauri
CurbeamBondarBarrenAlpha Centauri
Freya IX-B
GrissomBondarBarrenAlpha Centauri
Groombridge VIII-A
HawleyOlivasRockAlpha Centauri
KurtzJemisonBarrenAlpha Centauri
LovellOlivasIceAlpha Centauri
Montara Luna
Nemeria IV-ANemeria
Piazzi IV-CPiazzi
Piazzi VII-BPiazzi
Porrima IV-CPorrima
Porrima IV-DPorrima
Porrima V-APorrima
Tau Ceti II-ATau Ceti
Tau Ceti VIII-BTau Ceti
VossOlivasRockAlpha Centauri
ZamkaOlivasRockAlpha Centauri

In the boundless expanse of the starfield, the number of planets is as vast as the imagination itself. From scorching hot gas giants to frozen ice worlds, each planet tells a unique story of its cosmic journey. While our understanding of exoplanets continues to evolve, one thing remains certain—the universe teems with worlds waiting to be discovered, inviting us to embark on a journey of exploration and wonder.

As we peer into the depths of the cosmos, we are reminded of the profound beauty and complexity that lie beyond our earthly realm. The quest to unravel the secrets of the starfield and uncover the countless planets that dwell within it serves as a testament to humanity’s insatiable curiosity and enduring spirit of exploration.

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