How To Get Large Pot Hogwarts Legacy

They may require bigger pots to grow some of their magical plants once you have succeeded in setting up a modest greenhouse of your own in Hogwarts Legacy’s Room of Requirement. In Hogwarts Legacy, you will encounter the Room of Requirement quite early on and be given unique spellcraft schematics that will enable you to summon simple potting tables and potion stations. How to get large pot Hogwarts legacy If you are a styled player of Minecraft and want to discover more about Minecraft FoxObsidian, bed, painting, Book, Bricks, Grindstone Recipe, Depth Strider, Observer Recipe, Map,  saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine. If you want to learn about multiplayer, Broom, Get Mandrake, Unlock DoorsFind Trolls, Get Avada Kedavra, Sell Beasts, and Open Eye ChestRoom Of Requirement, Dive in Hogwarts Legacy.  Although these work great for growing simple plants like Dittany, some other plant elements that are used in more complex potions need a little more room.

How to Get Large Pot Hogwarts Legacy

Large potting tables, or pots, are available from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy. There, you can purchase a variety of spellcrafts, such as potting tables with different pot sizes. You can put a huge pot table in your required room in Hogwarts Legacy if you purchase the giant pot option.

Here’s how to obtain a big pot so you can begin cultivating more enchanted plants.

  • Go to the Hogsmeade.
  • Access the Tomes and Scrolls store, which is the first structure upon arriving at Hogsmeade from the front gate.
  • Speak with the store owner.
  • Get a large pot and a large potting table for one thousand galleons. (This is also where you can buy additional goods for the Room of Requirement).

The potting table schematic with a big pot will set you back 1,000 Galleons, while the version with two pots would set you back a whopping 3,000.

Explore Hogsmeade and open every Eye Chest and normal chest you come across if you’re short on cash. Eye Chests each contain 500 Galleons, and you can always sell clothes to most store owners to earn some more cash quickly.

How to Get Large Pots Hogwarts Legacy

All you have to do is head back to the Room of Requirement after purchasing one or both schematics. Here, you can make new potting tables by using the conjuration spell that Professor Weasley taught you.

Moonstone is needed for both Pot schematics; a one-pot table costs 10 Moonstone, while a two-pot table costs 30 Moonstone. Fortunately, you can obtain more Moonstone by using Evanesco, a Vanishing Spell that eliminates existing furniture pieces.

How to Use a Large Pot in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Go back to the Hogwarts Room of Requirement by selecting the Room of Requirement Flo Flame in a tall tower by clicking on the Sun icon on the map.
  • To view your list of conjurable objects, use the Conjuring spell.
  • Click on the Herbology symbol.
  • Choose the icon depicting a huge plant, which is the third one on the menu’s left side.
  • Choose the type of large potting table you wish to set up (ten moonstones are needed for a table with one large pot, and thirty for a table with two large pots).
  • After making any necessary modifications, put it anywhere.
  • Exit the Conjuration menu now.
  • Engage with the table and select a seed to grow (you can buy seeds at Hogsmeade’s The Magic Neep store).
  • Hold off until the plant has finished growing.
  • When the plant is ready, harvest it.

What is Magic Potter in Hogwarts Legacy

If you have the correct plants and potions with you, battles can go much more smoothly. You can cultivate your own giant plants in The Room of Requirement from seeds to make sure you have Venomous Tentacula or other big plants. The Magic Neep store in Hogsmeade is a convenient place to get seeds, and the Tomes and Scrolls store has any additional furniture you could need for this particular area.

If you put in the time to cultivate your own plants, you’ll save money on getting them ready for war. I hope you have success and enjoy yourself while potting!

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