How To Make A Map In Minecraft

When playing survival or multiplayer in Minecraft, having a map close at hand can make all the difference in the world. Luckily, making a map is not too difficult. And after you’ve created it, you can even decide to make your map bigger! You also may know about Minecraft Fox, saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine. This guide will show you exactly how to create, utilize, and grow a map in Minecraft. It will also cover the resources you’ll need and how to combine them to create your map.

How to Make A Map in Minecraft (All Methods)

In “Minecraft,” there are three ways to obtain a map: you can either make one, trade for one, or discover one in a chest.

1. How to Craft

You need following things to craft a Map in Minecraft.

Making Paper:

Sugar cane, one of the most abundant resources available, is used to make paper. Sugar cane grows in both desert and swamp biomes close to water.

Three pieces of paper can be obtained by arranging three sugar cane pieces in a row on your crafting table. This implies that for your map, you will require a minimum of nine pieces of sugar cane.

Making Compass

Four iron ingots and one piece of redstone dust will make one of these.

When mining, iron ore and redstone dust are readily found, particularly as one approaches the bottom of the globe. To mine redstone, you’ll need an iron pickaxe or something better. Redstone can be found under the cave.

Making Map

After positioning your Compass in the center of the crafting grid, fill in each of the remaining blocks with 8 Paper.

That’s it. Your blank map is crafted. Now move it to the inventory.

2. How to Find

Another option is to see if you can find an empty map in one of the treasure chests in your world. A map can be found in approximately 8% of treasure chests found in sunken shipwrecks, 11% of chests found in stronghold libraries, and nearly 50% of chests found in villages belonging to cartographers.

Having said that, if you’ve located a cartographer, you can also discuss purchasing a map from them for seven or eight emeralds.

Note: To make a Cartographer, put a Cartography Table in front of a villager who doesn’t have an occupation.

How to Craft Map in Other Versions of Minecraft

In other versions of Minecraft you can creat find or locate the map in the following ways.

Where to find a Map in Creative Mode

Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)
Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)
Minecraft Xbox Editions
Minecraft PS Editions
Minecraft Nintendo
Minecraft Windows 10 Edition
Minecraft Education Edition

Give Command for Map

The /give command for Map in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19, 1.20, and 1.20.2 is:

/give @p map 1

The /give command for Map in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 is:

/give @p map 1 0

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

If you’re playing “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition,” you can also make a simple map with nine pieces of paper that doesn’t track your location but still depicts the terrain around you.

Additionally, “Bedrock Edition” enables you to launch a new game with a pre-configured map. Toggle the “Starting Map” option in the World Preferences menu prior to world creation.

How to Use Map in Minecraft

Equip yourself with the map and “use” it to quickly sketch a picture of everything around you. The map will no longer be referred to as empty because the game will now give it a number.

The map will fill in more and more of your surroundings as you move around with it displayed. You can use the small white marker to keep track of yourself.

How to Zoom or Expand your Map in Minecraft

It goes without saying that your “Minecraft” world is larger than what the map displays. Once you’re outside of its tracking range, either zoom out of your original map or create a new one to continue tracking.

By adding eight more pieces of paper to your map at a crafting table, or just one more piece at a cartography table, you can enlarge your map. The map’s current range doubles with each zoom level, which can be applied up to four times.

How to Mark on the Map in Minecraft

Once you’ve included personalized location markers, your map will be even more useful. Markers appear as colored dots on your map, which is useful if you need to take note of a specific place.

You must create a banner before you can set a marker. You can make banners by arranging one stick in the bottom-middle slot of your crafting table and six wool pieces (which must all be the same color) in the top two rows. Additionally, you should use an anvil to name the banner; this will cost you one experience point.

After obtaining your banner, proceed to the desired location and set it down. Next, use the map on the banner while holding it.

If everything went correctly, a dot with the same color and location as the banner you put should appear on your map.

There aren’t many other icons on the map aside from the markers you personally add. As mentioned, a pointed white dot is used to indicate you. This same white dot will be displayed for other players.

How to Make a 3X3 Map Wall in Minecraft

Your maps can be arranged on item frames to create a single, large, continuous map. To create a 3X3 wall map, follow these steps:

Create 9 Vacant Locator Maps

Create 9 Item Frames. To create a single item frame, place one leather in the center of the crafting table and eight sticks in the remaining boxes.

Navigate to the desired location for the map’s center. Next, arrange nine identical blocks of any kind in a 3 by 3 square.

To mount them, use the Item Frames that are on the blocks.

Equip it, fill it out with an empty Locator map, and use the map on the item frame in the middle.

Examine the map that you are holding (it will remain in your inventory). A white arrow will indicate your position, and a green dot will indicate where your wall is.

Proceed to the southernmost point of the map, then utilize and equip an additional blank locator map to complete it.

Return to the wall and position the new map in the center of the bottom block.

To finish your map wall, repeat the preceding two steps for the southeast, southwest, east, west, north, northeast, and northwest.


Why are the maps numbered?

Thus, you are spared from having to peruse every map in search of a particular one. An additional step would be to include a name tag on the anvil so you can locate the precise map you require.

How do I add different locations on a map without another player?

To make the map larger, you must move around. There is no way around it if you do not wish to travel.

How do I hold the map with two hands on Minecraft PC using a mobile phone?

Even on a mobile device, your player should need two hands just to hold the map.

How big is a Minecraft map?

In Minecraft, the smallest map you can make is 128 x 128 blocks in size. Every time you upgrade it, you can increase its size by four times (by setting it on the Crafting Table with eight sheets of paper). Your map will be 2,048 x 2,048 blocks after four upgrades.

How do I download a Minecraft map?

You can get maps for your Minecraft world from a number of websites. Planet Minecraft, MinecraftSix, and Minecraft Maps are a few instances. After obtaining the files, move them into the Saves folder in your Minecraft. When the game launches, you will have the option to select the new map.

Do Maps Work in the Nether?

In the Nether, maps are usable, but all they will yield is a jumble of gray and orange lines. But in the End, maps are available for use. They operate exactly as they would in the overworld.

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