How To Open Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

If you’re a fan of the magical world of Harry Potter, chances are you’re eagerly anticipating the release of Hogwarts Legacy, the upcoming action RPG set in the Wizarding World.

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What are Eye Chest in Hogwarts Legacy?

Eye Chests are unique chests in Hogwarts Legacy that are visually distinct from regular chests. They are decorated with an eye symbol, hinting at the magical nature of their contents. These chests contain a variety of items, including potions, spell scrolls, and rare magical artifacts. However, unlocking them can be a challenging task that requires both skill and knowledge.

How to Open Eye Chest Hogwarts Legacy

Finding Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy requires a keen eye and a willingness to explore. These chests are scattered throughout the game world, often hidden in secluded or hard-to-reach locations. To locate them, players must carefully examine their surroundings, looking for clues such as shimmering lights or subtle magical auras. Additionally, some Eye Chests may only appear at certain times of the day or under specific conditions, adding to the challenge of finding them.

Where to Find the Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

These are a few of the early eye chests that may be found in and around Hogwarts.

Viaduct Courtyard:

Head up the stairs from the Viaduct Courtyard floo flame, then take another set of steps to your right, nearly doubling back on yourself. Steer to the right so that you are standing near to the wall of the towering tower ahead as you move towards the big stairs ahead. At the end of the path, take the steps to your left to find the eye chest.

Library Annex:

Run towards the book shelves in the direction of the Library floo flame, then veer to the left and run in the direction of the wall. There’s a gate to your right. Once you’re past it, sprint ahead to the stairs leading down. Once you reach the bottom, make a left turn and dash through the left doorway to enter a room featuring a rectangular cutout. Proceed through the lower entryway and dash through the rooms until you get to a table with a green lamp on it. On the left is the eye chest.


Turn left after taking the Greenhouses floo flare. Proceed ahead until you get to the tree, then use the stairs that are behind it to descend. Tucked away below is the eye chest.

Professor Fig’s Classroom:

Go through the door next to Professor Fig’s classroom floo flame and look under the window to locate the eye chest on the bathroom’s rear wall.

Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom:

Head down the steps ahead, turn left at the bottom, and you’ll discover this eye-chest in the corner ahead from the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom flame.

Bell Tower Courtyard:

Head up the stairs on your left and then up the next set of stairs on your left, keeping your back to the Bell Tower Courtyard flame. You can finally reach the eye chest at the end of the path by continuing up the steps from here.

Lower Grand Staircase:

Head straight ahead and down the stairs from the Lower Grand Staircase floo flame, then turn left and ascend additional stairs. At the top is a circular room with a statue. To the left of the statue, up against the wall, is the eye chest.

Circular Room Past Sleeping Dragon:

Travel quickly to the Transfiguration Classroom flame, then turn around and enter the North Hall by the door on your left. Proceed forward, descend the stairs to your extreme right, and enter through the lowest door. Proceed downstairs until you come to a room where a dragon is dozing. Proceed up the stairs and through the locked door on the right after following the path to the right until you get to a chamber with casks. There’s a spiral staircase leading down to a circular room. To your right, up against the wall, is the eye chest.

Beside The Pond:

Proceed up the steps on your left and stay to the left of the pond after leaving the North Hogsmeade floo flame. You can double back on yourself through the opening at the end of the low wall on the left. Against the building at the base of the slope is the eye chest.

Dogweed And Deathcap:

Take the road north and cross the bridge after making a quick trip to the North Hogsmeade floo flame. Tucked away here is the Dogweed and Deathcap shop. The eye chest is located across from Beatrice Green, against the wall.

How to Open Eye Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Play the main story quest “Secrets of the Restricted Section” in Hogwarts Legacy to access eye-chests and the disillusionment spell. By doing this, you become invisible and can escape being found out by others.

Now, when you go closer to an eye chest, cast doubt while you’re not in the chest’s field of vision, then go back to the chest to unlock it. Make sure to step away from the chest before using the spell because occasionally casting it too close to it will prevent you from seeing the search prompt.

During the “Secrets of the Restricted Section” quest, the first eye chest you can unlock will be located in the Hogwarts library’s restricted area.

What are the Rewards from Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

A Hogwarts Legacy eye chest can hold up to 500 Galleons, thus each one is like cash that is just waiting to be taken out. That’s partially the reason you might want to obtain the Disillusionment spell as soon as possible; the earlier you obtain it, the sooner you can begin utilizing the funds. You also won’t have to go back and locate any that you were previously unable to open.

How to get the Disillusionment Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you must finish the Secrets of the Restricted Section main plot quest in order to access Disillusionment. With just 10 missions remaining, you should be able to finish this quest within a few hours of play if you have been playing the tale exclusively.

Therefore, if you come across one of these eyeball chests before finishing the Secrets of the Restricted Section story task, don’t waste any time trying to sneak up on it. Before you get to this stage in the game, you won’t be able to open them.

Final Words

Eye Chests are a fascinating feature of Hogwarts Legacy that adds depth and mystery to the game world. Finding and unlocking these chests requires skill, patience, and a bit of magical know-how, but the rewards are well worth the effort. So, sharpen your wand and prepare to embark on an adventure filled with secrets and treasures in Hogwarts Legacy!

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