How To Save Outfits In GTA 5

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In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), there isn’t a built-in feature that allows you to save specific outfits like there is in some other games. In this guide you will learn about how to save outfits in GTA 5 using a combination of clothing stores and the wardrobe feature in your character’s safehouse. Here are the general steps you can follow:

Method 1: Using Clothing Stores

  1. Visit a Clothing Store:
    • Locate a clothing store on the map. There are various clothing stores throughout Los Santos.
  2. Choose Your Outfit:
    • Enter the clothing store and head to the clothing racks to browse and select the items you want for your outfit.
  3. Purchase the Items:
    • Once you’ve selected all the clothing items you want for your outfit, proceed to the cashier and purchase them.
  4. Access a Safehouse:
    • After purchasing the items, head to a safe house where you can find a wardrobe.
  5. Use the Wardrobe:
    • Inside the safehouse, locate the wardrobe and interact with it. You can change your outfit using the wardrobe.
  6. Save Your Outfit:
    • After creating your desired outfit, exit the wardrobe. The outfit should be automatically saved.

Method 2: Using the Interaction Menu

  1. Access the Interaction Menu:
    • Press and hold the “M” key on your keyboard (or the equivalent button on your controller) to open the Interaction Menu.
  2. Go to Inventory:
    • Navigate to the “Inventory” section of the Interaction Menu.
  3. Select “Style”:
    • Under “Inventory,” select “Style.”
  4. Choose Outfit Components:
    • You can customize individual components of your outfit, including tops, pants, shoes, and accessories.
  5. Save Outfit:
    • Once you’ve customized your outfit, scroll down to the “Save Outfit” option and choose a slot to save your outfit.

These methods do not allow you to name or label your saved outfits, but you can easily switch between them using the wardrobe or the Interaction Menu. Keep in mind that some outfits may not be saved permanently, and you might need to reapply them if the game resets your character’s clothing for any reason.

Method 3: Using Default Saving System

It’s simple to save your ensemble in story mode.

  • Locate the wardrobe in your safehouse and press “E” to open it.
  • After selecting your outfit, hit “Enter,” bed head, and hit “E” to save your progress.

Keep in mind that you can only save one main character’s attire at a time. If you choose Franklin, only his clothing will be retained when you go back to the game later.

This is due to a special feature in Grand Theft Auto V that modifies the outfits and circumstances of every main character in the game upon launch, barring the one you choose to save before ending the game.

You will respawn in the game at the last place you saved, wearing the outfit and character of your choice.

Method 4: Using Moods

This one is challenging. This is the most efficient way to save clothes for your three main characters, but it does require some proficiency with GTA 5’s file directories.
You can save multiple custom outfits with the “SP Outfit Saving” mod, just like in Grand Theft Auto Online. Additionally, you can change between the saved looks whenever you want.

In addition, for it to function, three items must be downloaded. This is the official link to the list you need:

Please make sure you carefully read the instructions found at each link as they are easy to follow.

Next, use the link below to download the “SP Outfit Saving” mod, then extract the files and store them in the package inside the “Grand Theft Auto 5/script” script folder.

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In GTA 5 Online, there is a method to preserve your clothing:

  • Go shopping for clothes or look through your apartment’s closet.
  • Assemble a set of shoes, tops, bottoms, hats, and any other necessary accessories.
  • To access the menu for editing saved outfits, press the “SPACEBAR.”
  • The outfit can be named whatever you want and saved in a new slot.

You can save up to 20 different outfits in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. Thus, don’t be afraid to use your imagination to create a distinctive style that will help you stand out from the other players.

Additionally, you can use all of your saved outfits outside or while free roaming.

  • Press the “M” button to bring up the interaction menu.
  • Use the “ENTER” key to select the desired outfit from the “saved outfits section” after navigating to inventory, accessories, and outfits.

That’s it after that! The outfit you recently saved is now equipped.

Remember that specific controls may vary depending on your platform (PC, Xbox, PlayStation). Check the in-game settings or documentation for your specific platform for accurate controls.

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