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You’ll come across locked chests and doors that you can’t open during your travels in Hogwarts Legacy. These doors won’t always be closed, even though they might not be then. If you are a styled player of Minecraft and want to discover more about Minecraft FoxObsidian, bed, painting, Book, Bricks, Grindstone Recipe, Depth Strider, Observer Recipe, Map,  saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine. If you want to learn about multiplayer, and Broom, Get Mandrake, in Hogwarts Legacy. Since all of these doors are shown to be locked, therefore, you will achieve, how to unlock doors in Hogwarts Legacy. This is all the information you need to open locked chests and doors in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Unlock Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

It will take you some time to get through part of the main story before you can unlock a locked door. You will need to complete approximately the first 20 major quests. You can obtain the Alohomora (lockpicking) spell by completing The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest. You will be able to open Level 1 chests and doors as a result.

How to Open Higher-level Locked Doors

You can pick only Level 1 locks when you first learn Alohomora. To unlock the locks on levels two and three, you must locate up to thirty Demiguise Statues throughout the game world. Your spell will become more powerful as a result, opening doors to higher levels.

You’ll be able to open any locked door you encounter after finishing the quest. You’ll need to approach a locked door first and start a mini-game in order to open it. You must first align the red spark now that you are in the lockpicking screen. It will start spinning when it is properly aligned. Proceed in the same manner using the green spark after that.

At first, you might have to move them around a lot, but when they start to spin on their own, you’ll know they’re in the proper spot. Once they both begin to turn, use your two analog sticks to hold that position for a short while, and the door will open.

How to get Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy

You must master the Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy to open doors. This can be acquired by starting “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” quest, which opens up after the main story has been played for roughly eight hours.

Gladwin Moon will send you an owl to ask you to enter a forbidden part of the castle covertly at night to retrieve two Demiguise Moon statues. You will receive the Alohomora spell after completing this, granting you access to all of Hogwarts Legacy’s level 1 locked doors.

Keep in mind that finishing the quest grants you access to Alohomora at level 1, so upgrading it is necessary to obtain locks at higher tiers. Below, we’ll discuss how to upgrade Alohomora

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