What Are Minecraft Buried Treasure Trick

Minecraft, the wildly popular sandbox game, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the ability to discover hidden treasures buried throughout the world. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can find Minecraft buried treasure trick in Minecraft and uncover the riches that lie beneath the surface.

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Now Understand The Minecraft Buried Treasure Trick

Buried treasure in Minecraft typically consists of valuable items such as diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots, and enchanted items. These treasures are buried underground in various locations, often marked by a treasure map that can be found in shipwrecks, underwater ruins, or as rare loot from fishing.

Let Acquire a Treasure Map

To begin your search for buried treasure, you’ll first need to acquire a treasure map. These maps can be found in chests located in shipwrecks, underwater ruins, or as rare loot from fishing. Once you have a treasure map, you can use it to locate the buried treasure.

Pro Tip:

The dolphins will begin guiding you to underwater ruins or shipwrecks once you feed them. Before they completely guide you to one or the other, you might need to give them a few fish.

Find a Shipwreck or Ocean Ruin

Underwater constructions known as shipwrecks are meant to simulate sunken ships. They can spawn in various locations, most commonly underwater but sometimes partially on land or buried on a beach.

Pro Tip:

Consume some Night Vision when investigating the shipwreck in the ocean biome to completely translucent water.

Ocean Ruins resemble an underwater hamlet and are unique to ocean biomes. There are going to be treasure-filled chests inside the buildings of an ocean ruin.

Pro Tip:

To reach the ocean’s bottom without drowning, make sure your armor is enchanted with Aqua Affinity and Respiration when you examine the chest in the middle of the water.


  • It’s advisable to exercise caution when exploring shipwrecks as they may include mobs like drowned spawning.
  • While they are somewhat more uncommon than shipwrecks, ocean ruins can be extremely dangerous to navigate.

Find “Map Chest"

Up to three chests with a variety of goods can be found inside each shipwreck: a Treasure Chest, a Supply Chest, and a Map Chest. You must find the map chest in order to obtain a treasure map.


  • This chest will be found in the ship’s bottom deck, albeit it is not labeled. There’s a guarantee that any map chest you find will hold a hidden treasure map.

How To Decode the Treasure Map

When you first acquire a treasure map, it will be in a “blank” state, showing only the outline of the land and some markings. Move the hidden treasure map to your inventory after finding the map chest to find the treasure. To decode the map and reveal the location of the buried treasure, you’ll need to hold the map in your hand and explore the surrounding area until you find the corresponding landmarks shown on the map.

For both Java and Bedrock, it’s the same odds of finding a Treasure map in a shipwreck.

  • Shipwreck (Map chest): 100%
  • Underwater Ruins (Small Chest Ruins): 41.7%
  • Underwater Ruins (Big Chest Ruins): 43.5%

Following the Map to the Treasure

Open The Map

Now that you have the map of the hidden treasure, investigate it and keep an eye out for a huge red X. When you get closer to the treasure, you’ll notice that the Treasure Map starts to resemble a regular map more and more. If you are not standing close to the treasure, you will see landmasses outlined and the ocean filled with orange stripes.


  • Your character image will be in the far corner, and the map will have a big red X and a brownish picture of the country.

Locate Red X on Map

The red X is where you’ll find the treasure. Place your white dot or character where the red X is indicated on the map.


  • As you come closer to the buried treasure, the map will fill in with color.You may find a chest in the center of the ocean.

How To Dig for Treasure

When you arrive at the location marked on the treasure map, you’ll need to start digging to uncover the buried treasure. Use a shovel to dig into the ground, following the map’s instructions and looking for the chest that contains the treasure.

Pro Tip:

Position your white dot in the middle of the Red X on the map to locate the hidden treasure location more quickly.

Enjoying Your Loot

Once you’ve uncovered the buried treasure chest, open it to reveal the valuable items inside. Collect your loot and enjoy the rewards of your treasure-hunting adventure in Minecraft.

Cool Trick to Find Buried Treasure Easily

Finding hidden treasure might often take some time, but with this tip, you can uncover it much more quickly than usual. To begin with, locate a hidden treasure map and proceed as usual to the X. The next step is to position your player marker on the map as close to the center of the X as you can, which can include swimming. To view chunk borders, you must then press F3 + G (fn + F3 + G on a Mac). The game creates groupings of 16-by-16-block spaces called chunks. You have to stay in the portion you are in while searching for the treasure.

The debug panel will then appear and require you to hit F3 (fn+F3 on a Mac). A field labeled “Chunk” that is depicted in the image should be visible. Your X and Z coordinates within the chunk you are in are represented by the first and third integers in this field, which are the ones you should be concerned with. The treasure should be a few blocks below your feet if you can just locate the location in the chunk you are in where both of these numbers are 9, as shown in the photo. I’m curious about your thoughts after trying this method numerous times without any luck in Minecraft Java edition 1.14.4. I hope this is useful.

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