What Is Minecraft Fox: Your Ultimate Guide to Taming & Exploring

There are many different kinds of wild mobs in Minecraft, but none are quite as chaotic as Minecraft fox. They like stealing goods from other players and are quick and small. In addition, foxes are among the cutest additions you can make to your Minecraft home. But you can only do that if you become friends with them. Here, we’ll explain how to tame a fox in Minecraft so that it stays by your side. Both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft can be used with our method. For further about Minecraft Trident.

Where to Find Minecraft Foxes.

You must locate a fox in your Minecraft world before you can tame it. Typically, foxes can be found in each of the following Minecraft biomes:

Hint: If you are having problems locating a fox, you can use a spawn egg or a cheat to summon one.

  • For spawn egg: In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) give the following command /give @p fox_spawn_egg 1
  • For summon: In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) give the following command /summon fox [pos] [nbt] Where Pos is not necessary. It’s the x, y, and z coordinate of the fox’s expected spawn. The fox will spawn in the current location if no coordinate is given. DataTag is not necessary. This NBT tag, which was previously known as a data tag, is compound and sets a property for the fox, such as {CustomName:”\”Scout\””} or {Age:-25000}.

They spawn in groups of 2 to 4 foxes in these biomes. These foxes are extremely rare; only 5 percent of them can be young foxes. You should wait in a neighboring village if you are unable to locate foxes in these biomes’ wild areas. Sometimes at night, foxes venture to neighboring villages in search of chickens.

Minecraft Foxes Types

Red Foxes and Arctic Foxes are the two varieties (or breeds) of foxes found in Minecraft. The two fox variants are identical except for their spawning and textures. The Arctic or white fox is a relatively uncommon species that only appears in the snowy biomes of Minecraft.

What Is Favorite Food of Foxes

In order to tame a fox in Minecraft, you must gather its preferred food. Foxes in Minecraft consume the following things:

These two foods aid in the foxes’ recovery and even serve as a catalyst for pairings. The lush caves in Minecraft are typically where you can find glow berries. In the meantime, taiga and its related biomes are typically where sweet berries spawn as bushes.

How To Minecraft Foxes Bread

Two foxes must be fed glow berries or sweet berries close to each other in order for them to breed. A young fox will be born to these breeding foxes. The infant and its parents share the same variant. The baby has a 50% chance of spawning as either of the parents if they are of different variants.

The young fox then follows and concentrates on the adult foxes nearby, just like in the real world. However, if we obstruct this process by removing the infant from its parents sufficiently, it will follow you and develop trust in you instead.

Alternative Way to Bread

Being nocturnal animals, foxes will spend the day dozing. But you’ll still have to sneak up on them, just like when you tame a cat. You need to construct a wall made of any blocks around any two foxes you come across. Try building a wall as high as two blocks to keep the foxes from escaping.

Make sure they’re trapped even if they’re not together. After you’ve got them both imprisoned, construct a two-block-high path that leads to the other fox.

What Is Minecraft Foxes Tame

There are two ways to win over a fox pupae once it spawns. The first is to take the baby far away from adult foxes on a lead before it grows up. To attach the lead to the fox, simply right-click on it or use the secondary action key.

Hint: To craft a lead four strings and one slimeball are required.

A more brutal method of taming baby foxes exists if you are unable to obtain a lead. Here, you have to use a ranged attack to eliminate the adult foxes before the baby fox grows up.

Advantages of Tamed Fox

A fox that you have earned the trust of will attack certain mobs that harm you. These are the mobs that it will attack.

Cave Spiders
Wither skeletons
Zombified Piglins

How to Get Things Back from Foxes

If there are three or four berry bushes within sixteen blocks of the fox, it will drop whatever it is holding.

All of the items that Fox holds in both Java and Bedrock are listed below.


  • Emerald: 5%
  • Egg: 15%
  • Feather: 20%
  • Leather: 20%
  • Rabbit’s Foot: 10%
  • Rabbit Hide: 10%
  • Wheat: 20%


  • Emerald: 5%
  • Egg: 20%
  • Feather: 15%
  • Leather: 20%
  • Rabbit’s Foot: 10%
  • Rabbit Hide: 10%
  • Wheat: 20%

Whether tamed or not, food is the most important thing to any fox. That means all you have to do is scatter glow berries or sweet berries around the fox in case they take anything valuable from you. After that, it will drop the object into its mouth to retrieve the food.

This is about Minecraft Foxes, I hope will find all the necessary information about Minecraft Fox. If have any questions please feel free to ask or comment down below.

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