Minecraft Horse Guide: How To Tame, Breed, and Riding

If you want to find out about Minecraft horse breeding, donkey, or mule, then you are at the right place. You’re not the only one Many new players are confused about how to breed them in Minecraft, but we are here with a beginner-friendly guide to help you in breeding horses, and also tells you which species is the best to breed in different situations. You will have a castle and towers with your friends in no time. For further about Minecraft Shield Recipe. You may also know how to make a Minecraft Horse Stable?

How to Breed Horses In Minecraft:

To start a Minecraft horse family, you will be required to find a couple of horses and tame them.

  • Locate two horses. Plains and savannas are home to grazing horses. Minecraft horses don’t have genders, therefore any two will do.

Tip: Make things easier by tying your horses to a fence post with a crafted Lead to prevent them from running away.

  • Tame the horses. Engage with a horse to get up on top of it without holding anything in your hands. You should persevere until you see hearts flying above their heads, even though it will probably throw you off a few times.
  • Find two golden carrots or apples. Treasure chests include these, or you may create them. Place one apple in the middle of a crafting table and eight gold ingots in the other boxes to create a golden apple. Use a furnace to process raw gold to create gold ingots.

To create a Golden Carrot place one carrot in the middle of a crafting table, then fill the remaining boxes with eight gold nuggets. Using a pickaxe to mine Nether gold ore will yield Gold Nuggets.

  • Equip each of your horses with a gold apple or carrot while they are near one another. They will create a baby Minecraft horse when they both have hearts covering their heads.
  • Your baby horse will mature into an adult after 20 minutes. Give your baby horse apples, hay, sugar, or wheat to help it grow more quickly. Here is the table of food and their respective speed of growth.
FoodSpeeds up growth by
Wheat20 seconds
Sugar30 seconds
Apple1 minute
Golden carrot1 minute
Hay bale3 minutes
Golden apple4 minutes
In Minecraft, you can also use the food items mentioned above to heal your horse if they get damaged.

Note: You have to make a saddle before you can ride a horse.

How Can I Create a Horse That Isn’t the Same Color?

In the game Minecraft, Minecraft horses can have seven distinct colors and patterns. A baby horse appears pretty much at random. Though they may end up looking entirely different, young horses are more likely to resemble one of their parents. Breed two horses of the desired color if you prefer a particular hue. A young horse’s health, speed, and jumping strength are also influenced by its parents. There is also a chance of getting random colors as well. The percentage of it is,

  • Chance to have random color: 11.11%
  • Chance to have random markings: 20%

In Minecraft, how do you breed a mule?

In Minecraft, a horse and a donkey can be crossed to create a mule. Use the same procedures as those of two horses. Chests are an accessory that Mules can have, so you can carry more inventory. Mules are unable to have babies with any other animal.

Horse vs Donkey vs Mule: which is best?

The primary distinction between the three types of mounts in Minecraft is that, although donkeys and mules can equip chests for more storage, horses can only wear specialist horse armor, which means that you cannot make your Minecraft horse wear Diamond or Netherite armor plating.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to breeding horses in Minecraft. Please leave your questions in the comments section below if you still have any.

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