Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Trident: Crafting, and Uses

What is Minecraft Trident?

Because of the unexpected danger in Minecraft, players will want to acquire a good weapon to protect themselves. The Minecraft Trident is a reliable melee and ranged weapon for those looking to protect themselves when venturing into hazardous areas. Tridents are not craftable, so players must take extra care of them and repair them frequently. However, they can be enhanced with enchantments.  If you are a styled player of Minecraft and want to discover more about Minecraft FoxObsidian, bed, painting, Book, Bricks, Grindstone Recipe, Depth Strider, Observer Recipe, Map,  saddle, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine

How to get the Minecraft Trident?

Look for Drowned mobs in Minecraft by diving yourself into the water. These are basically zombies that live underwater, and they will attack in the water, especially at night. Watch out for them on rainy days at the beach because they cannot leave water in dry weather, but they can in wet conditions.

There’s a rare 8.5% chance that one of these drowned guys will drop a trident; instead, you have to defeat them when they spawn into the world holding one. Normal zombies that are submerged in water for an extended period of time will also drown, but they won’t be of any assistance to you because they won’t be carrying a trident.

Note: A trident may very rarely drop from Drowned if you’re playing Bedrock Edition and they’re not holding one. Only 6.25% of Drowned in Java Edition spawn with a trident; in Bedrock Edition, the chance is marginally higher at 15%.

Tip: If you have the Looting enchantment, you can increase your chances, so be sure to bring it with you so you can farm more effectively.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a Trident can be fixed before it breaks completely, but it cannot be crafted. Similar to an iron sword, a trident’s durability is reduced by one every time it deals damage. In Minecraft, there are presently four methods for fixing tridents.

1. How To Repair by a Crafting Table

This technique can only be applied if your Minecraft Trident is free of all enchantments. This is because any enchantments that are attached to a trident that you repair in a crafting table will be eliminated (and cannot be retrieved).

Use the crafting user interface in your inventory or a crafting table to fix a trident without the need for enchantments. Any two tridents you are carrying can be joined to form a repaired Minecraft trident.

2. How to Repair With an Anvil

Now, you might want to use an anvil to mend a trident if you have any enchantments. All you have to do is place your enchanted trident in the first slot and another trident in the second, much like a crafting table.

From the anvil, you can retrieve a repaired trident that still holds your enchantments.

Hint: You can rename it if you want in the anvil.

3. How To Repair with a Grindstone

Using a grindstone to combine two broken tridents will remove all enchantments, except Curse of Vanishing.

Hint: To craft a grindstone you will need the following materials. 2 Sticks 1 Stone Slab 2 Wooden Planks (of any variant)

4. How To Repair With Mending Enchantment

There’s one last way to fix your trident (as well as other tools). And that pertains to the healing charm. Instead of rolling the mending enchantment on an enchanting table, you must locate the book through trading, looting, or fishing and apply it to the anvil’s trident.

The mending enchantment fixes your item by using experience orbs in the process. This means that experience points will be applied to fixing the trident rather than to your player level if you are carrying an item with mending applied to it.

Since mining or killing mobs will continuously repair the weapon, it’s by far the most economical method of repair. The only thing left to do is locate the Book of Mending Enchantment!

Complete List of Minecraft Trident Enchantments

The whole list of Minecraft trident enchantments is as follows:

  • Channeling: An enormously damaging lightning bolt is summoned when a thrown trident strikes a crowd during a thunderstorm (cannot be used with riptide).
  • Curse of Vanishing: Trident vanishes after death.
  • Impaling: This attack inflicts additional ranged and melee damage to aquatic mobs (not drowned ones). This buff applies to all mobs in Bedrock Edition that are submerged or in the rain.
  • Loyalty: After a short while, thrown tridents come back to the player (cannot be used with riptide).
  • Mending: Any XP orbs gathered while the trident is equipped are used to repair the trident rather than increasing the player’s XP.
  • Riptide: The player is transported when they throw a trident underwater or in the rain, dealing splash damage (cannot be used with loyalty or channeling). Unbreaking: Enhance durability.

Which Enchantment is Best

The best Minecraft spells to put on a trident will depend on what you plan to use it for, but repairing and unbreaking are necessary to increase how long your awesome—and uncommon—item lasts. It’s so difficult to get, as we mentioned before, that you don’t want it to break on you. Impaling is a great option if you wish to use your trident for combat, as is loyalty, which makes the weapon return to you when thrown a distance away.

You can equip your trident with channeling to create a charged creeper farm and use it to farm mob heads. When a creeper is hit by lightning, it becomes charged. As a result, when a charged creeper kills a mob, it drops its head. This makes charged creepers an amazing and rare item in vanilla Minecraft.

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