How to Resolve Roblox Error Code 279: Tips and Fixes

One of the most played games on Android, consoles, PCs, and other platforms is Roblox. When it functions properly, the title is fantastic, but for those who frequently see error codes, it may be annoying. But the majority of these can be fixed in a matter of minutes. Here is all the information you require to resolve Roblox error code 279.

The good news is that some solutions have been developed and the community has long been aware of the causes. You shouldn’t be concerned if you recently received Error Code 279. Learn how to deal with it by reading on. Suppose you are facing Roblox Error Code 529.

Roblox Error Code 279 (Reasons)

When something stops you from connecting to the game server, Roblox Error Code 279 appears. This is frequently a case of internet blockage, which can occur for a number of reasons, including firewall blocks, developer errors, and internet problems.

1. Slow internet connection

The connection speeds may decrease if something is wrong with your local network or if your internet service provider (ISP) is experiencing problems. Moreover, your house might not be in a good place to connect to the internet. Low bandwidth is frequently the cause of this issue, making it difficult to play many games smoothly.

The same applies to Roblox. There’s a chance you won’t be able to connect if your signal strength to the game servers is inconsistent. As a result, it will show (ID=17: Connection Attempt Failed) (Roblox Error Code 279).

2. Develpor error

The developers of Roblox Experiences can release updates for the game on occasion, but like any other game, it has bugs and glitches. Updates can occasionally introduce bugs that stop connections or lead to other issues. If so, the issue is with the Experience rather than your internet connection.

Try this out by starting a few of your favorite experiences. Should you be able to connect to any of them, there was most likely an error made by the developer during the coding process.

3. Firewall problems

Windows Firewall is an ardent app that keeps you safe. But because it doesn’t recognize some games as safe software, it has been known to block games for decades. To prevent the game from stopping, you can change the settings or disable your firewall.

You cannot play a game because the firewall is preventing it from sending signals to the server. Firewalls can therefore be problematic when playing video games. These days, this cause is less common than it formerly was. There is now less chance of misidentifying software by firewalls.

Roblox Error code 279 (Solutions)

Now that we are aware of the potential causes of Error Code 279, it is appropriate to explore the fixes. These might enable you to play Roblox once more, but if not, we advise getting in touch with customer service for help.

1. Restart Your Router

Try restarting your router to see if that fixes the abnormally slow internet connection. This is the method used.

Take out the internet router and modem plugs from the power outlet. Wait for 15 seconds.

Re-plug the modem into the socket, then give it a minute or two to pass. Turn on the router.

Hold off until the modem’s lights turn green. Check to see if Roblox gives you the error again after connecting your computer to the network.

You should change the password if you think someone else is utilizing your network without authorization. Sometimes a big file is being downloaded by someone in the house, and your internet bandwidth isn’t strong enough to support both gaming and large downloads at the same time. In this instance, you ought to wait for the download to be completed.

Using an Ethernet cable and/or upgrading to a faster package are two more methods to improve your internet connection. If you’re using Wi-Fi, there shouldn’t be anything in the way of your computer and modem either.

2. Disable or Configure the Firewall

For those attempting to unblock games, adjusting the firewall’s settings has typically been successful if it’s the primary offender. Trying it out might be a smart idea.

Launch the Start Menu in Windows. Enter Windows Defender Firewall in the search bar.

Locate and select the option to Turn on or off Windows Defender Firewall. Verify that the firewall off option is selected for both public and private networks.

Click Ok. Check to see if Roblox is operational.
You can configure the firewall to let Roblox through if you don’t want to turn it off.
Open the Settings menu in Windows.

Windows Defender Firewall should be found. Navigate to the Windows Defender Firewall and select “Allow App or Feature.”

Look for Roblox and check the box to allow it to play. The game can be set up to work on either public or private networks.

3. Use different browsers

Use a Different Browser

Since not all browsers support the Roblox web version, we advise using those that do, such as those on this list.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer

3. Use Built-in VPN Browsers

Roblox used to require a specific type of browser to play, but those days are gone. The only website that could load was Roblox, and the whole experience was awkward. Even using the URL bar to navigate elsewhere was not possible.

Although not stated explicitly, these browsers are also compatible with Roblox.

  • Opera GX
  • Brave Browser
  • Vivaldi Browser
  • UR Browser

4. Disable Browser Add-Ons

AdBlocker is one example of a third-party add-on that occasionally tampers with your browser. These add-ons might stop you from connecting to the Roblox servers, even though you can watch YouTube without advertisements. As a result, when playing, you might want to disable them.

Although the procedures vary depending on the browser, the option is typically located in the Settings menu.

5. Open Ports

It’s time to port forward if your network isn’t using one of the supported ports. Roblox will be able to connect in this manner and stop Roblox Error Code 279 from occurring.

Access the router control panel by logging in.
Search for the port forwarding option.
Put the IP address in here.
49152–65535, is the port range you entered.
Select UDP as the protocol to use.
Try restarting your router and see if Roblox now functions properly.

6. Turn Your Antivirus Off

Similar to Windows Defender Firewall, third-party antivirus software can also be incredibly vulnerable to threats. There are occasions when games are blocked because they were deemed dangerous. To avoid this, you might want to think about turning off your antivirus program before playing Roblox.

If it functions, you’ll need to set up the software so that Roblox can connect to the servers without being blocked. In this manner, you can play Roblox without worrying about being threatened.

7. Restart Your PC

Restarting your computer can sometimes fix issues in a mysterious way. This may be helpful for Roblox; however, if nothing else works, you should contact Roblox directly.

8. Use a different network or interface

Try utilizing a different networking interface or network entirely if rebooting the router doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Gamers on PCs who typically connect via Wi-Fi might want to think about connecting via wire. Naturally, this is limited to users of desktop and laptop computers.
  • Try utilizing the hotspot feature on your phone if your computer lacks an Ethernet port (as long as your plan allows for enough data usage).
  • As an alternative, if you frequently use Wi-Fi for your phone, think about using your mobile connection instead—especially if your plan allows you to have extra data.

If you don’t encounter an error on the new network interface, the problem lies with your existing setup.

9. Run Speed Test

The error code 279 may appear on Roblox depending on the quality or speed of your connection. To make sure the internet connection is reliable, you should do a speed test on the device you use to play Roblox. Numerous speed test services are available. Typically, we suggest because it is a well-liked and dependable website.

Roblox suggests having a 4–8 Mbps minimum internet connection. If your internet speed frequently drops to these levels, your access speed is probably the issue. Depending on which is faster, you can either switch to data or Wi-Fi.

10. Reinstall Roblox

Reinstalling Roblox should be your last option if everything else fails. Before reinstalling the app or program, we advise completely removing it from your device. Making a fresh start will eliminate any problems with the Roblox client.

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