What Are The Best Ships In Starfield

One of the most crucial choices you’ll make is which ship in Starfield is the best. It serves many purposes than merely being a quick way to cross the Milky Way. It includes everything, including your crew’s rooms, storage container, and space pirate defense system. To put it another way, your ship is your home. If you are a styled player of Minecraft and want to discover more about Minecraft FoxObsidian, bed, painting, Book, Bricks, Grindstone Recipe, Depth Strider, Observer Recipe, Map,  saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine. If you want to learn about where neonPlanets, and Traits, Sell Stuff, join factions, Dock, and wait in Starfield.

Because sticker prices are so high, it’s nearly impossible to purchase the greatest ship in Starfield early on. Additionally keep in mind that you will need to spend points in the Piloting skill to pilot ships higher than class A (which requires destroying enemy ships, which in turn requires a better ship).

However, you’ll quickly gain a lot of cash and skill points in Starfield, which ought to expand your options. Here they are, in no particular order: the best class C ship, the best free ship, the greatest ship to buy, and the finest ships in Starfield, also we show you which ship is best for combat and storage.

Which are the Best Ships in Starfield

Three classes of spacecraft exist in Starfield: A, B, and C. These classes are based on shared characteristics. While Class B ships have moderate weaponry and moderate mobility, Class C ships have great firepower and low mobility. Class A ships have low firepower and high mobility. When choosing a ship, there are more stats to consider in addition to the classes. The amount of power you can allot to each module depends on the value of the reactor. The amount of damage your ship can withstand is indicated by its shield and hull characteristics. Lasers, particle weapons, ballistics, and missile numbers represent the ship’s effectiveness in combat.

  • If you enjoy Starfield’s combat aspects and frequently attack or hijack other spacecraft, you should have an excellent attack ship with powerful armaments and excellent maneuverability.
  • You will need a ship with lots of storage if you like Starfield’s exploration and crafting aspects and typically stay out of trouble in space.

What are the Best Ships Overall in Starfield

By considering all the aspects the best ships in Starfield are:

  • Razorleaf
  • Aegis
  • Stronghold
  • Abyss Trekker
  • Narwhal

Here is a brief detail of them.


  • Cost: Free
  • Location: Reward upon completing the Mantis questline.
  • Class: A
  • Hull: 469
  • Shield: 390
  • Lasers: 6
  • Particle Cannons: 16
  • Missiles: 36
  • Fuel: 140
  • Grav Jump Range: 16 LY
  • Cargo Capacity: 420
  • Max Crew: 2

Considering what the Razorleaf delivers and how simple it is to obtain, it’s hard to argue against it being among the best ships in the game. Razorleaf is a Class A ship that you obtain by finishing the ‘Mantis’ sidequest, to start with. This implies that purchasing a new spacecraft doesn’t require you to use valuable credits, which you most likely won’t have when you first start your trip. Because Razorleaf has shielded cargo, which makes it easier to transport contraband, it is highly helpful for really making extra money. Most ships don’t have this feature, especially not free ones.

What are the Razorleaf Ship Parts

The Razorleaf is equipped with the following:

  • Engine: Ares DT60 Engine – Class A engine with 2600 maneuvering thrust and 14000 engine thrust.
  • Shield: Bastille S81 Shield Generator – Class A shield generator with 390 max health and 10% regen rate.
  • Grav Drive: R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive – Class A Grav Drive with 9 max power.
  • Reactor: Tokamak X-100 Reactor – Class A reactor that generates 18 power.


  • 6 LAS – x2 Flare-P 15MW IR Pulse Lasers
  • 16 PAR – x2 Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron Beams
  • 36 MSL – x1 CE-09 Missile Launcher


  • Class B
  • Fuel – 800
  • Hull – 721
  • Cargo Capacity – 200
  • Reactor – 21
  • Crew – 5
  • Jump – 29 LY
  • Shield – 610
  • LAS – 20
  • BAL – 96
  • MSL – 68

The greatest choice if you’re searching for an upgrade from the Razorleaf is Aegis. Speaking with Nikau Henderson, you can purchase this Class B ship at Deimos Staryard, a station located circling Mars, for 196,700 Credits. In Starfield, you must level up your Piloting Skill in order to pilot ships that are higher class than A. Your best option is to search for a Class B ship initially, and Aegis is the greatest one, given how long it takes to reach full rank in order to obtain Class C ships.

What are the Aegis Ship Parts

The Aegis is equipped with the following:

  • Engine: Nova 1050 Engine – Class B engine with 3000 maneuvering thrust and 14780 engine thrust.
  • Shield: 22T Defender Shield Generator – Class B shield with 610 max health and 7% regen rate.
  • Grav Drive: Aurora 12G Grav Drive – Class B Grav Dive with 10 max power.
  • Reactor: Z-Machine 2000 Reactor – Class B reactor that generates 21 power.


  • 20 LAS – x2 Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Lasers
  • 96 BAL – x2 Mauler 106S Shot-Cannon
  • 68 MSL – x1 Atlatl 270 Missile Launcher


  • Class C
  • Fuel – 2200
  • Hull – 1047
  • Cargo Capacity – 2360
  • Reactor – 27
  • Crew – 6
  • Jump – 30 LY
  • Shield – 1600
  • LAS – 36
  • BAL – 48

Stronghold is one of the better ships to seek for if you have raised your Piloting Skill to the point where you can unlock Class C ships. This massive item may be purchased for 380,0971 Credits from the Ship Service Technician in Akila City, which is a place in the Cheyenne System.

What are the Stronghold Ship Parts

Stronghold is equipped with the following:

  • Engine: Supernova 2000 Engine – Class C engine with 4300 maneuvering thrust and 11780 engine thrust.
  • Shield: Assurance SG-1800 Shield Generator – Class C shield generator with 1600 max health and 5% regen rate.
  • Grav Drive: SGD 3300 Grav Drive – Class C Grav Drive with 11 max power.
  • Reactor: SF20 Sheared Flow Reactor – Class C reactor that generates 27 power.


  • 36 LAS – x2 Dragon 261 SX Laser Turrets
  • 48 BAL – x2 Jishaku Nd RF Rapid Railgun Turret

Abyss Trekker

  • Class C
  • Fuel – 950
  • Hull – 1031
  • Cargo Capacity – 340
  • Reactor – 27
  • Crew – 6
  • Jump – 25 LY
  • Shield – 1600
  • PAR – 38
  • BAL – 162
  • MSL – 96

Now, Abyss Trekker is the ideal spacecraft for you if you are a Class C ship pilot and wish to explore the unknown regions of the universe from an offensive stance. The cost of this enormous spacecraft at the Paradise Hotel in Porrima II, a planet in the Porrima system, is 347,230 Credits. Simply speak with the Ship Service Technician to purchase yours if you have the funds.

What are the Abyss Trekker Ship Parts

The Abyss Trekker is equipped with the following:

  • Engine: SAL-6110 Engine – Class C engine with 1900 maneuvering thrust and 6800 engine thrust.
  • Shield: 102D Guardian Shield Generator – Class C shield generator with 850 max health and 5% regen rate.
  • Grav Drive: SGD 3100 Grav Drive – Class C Grav Drive with 11 max power.
  • Reactor: Pinch 6Z Reactor – Class C reactor that generates 27 power.


  • 38 PAR – x2 PBO-300 Auto Alpha Beam
  • 96 MSL – x1 CE-49 Missile Launcher
  • 162 BAL – x2 Marauder 115N Railgun Turret


  • Class C
  • Fuel – 560
  • Hull – 2118
  • Cargo Capacity – 1760
  • Reactor – 36
  • Crew – 7
  • Jump – 30 LY
  • Shield – 995
  • LAS – 24
  • BAL – 114
  • MSL – 82

Despite being a pricey Class C ship, Narwhal is well worth the purchase because of how amazing it is. The narwhal is an essential addition to any collection as it strikes the ideal mix of firepower and utility. You need to have at least 432,620 Credits in order to purchase the Narwhal. Next, in the Volii system, you have to travel to Neon on the Volii Alpha Planet. You have to find the Taiyo Astroneering building as soon as you get into the city. Speak with Veronica, the NPC who sells the ship, after using the lift.

What are the Narwhal Ship Parts

The Narwhal is equipped with the following:

  • Engine: Nova 1000 – Class B engine with 2250 maneuvering thrust and 8580 engine thrust.
  • Shield: Odin 3040-C Shield Generator – Class C shield generator with 995 max health and 5% regen rate.
  • Grav Drive: J-52 Gamma Grav Drive – Class C Grav Drive with 11 max power.
  • Reactor: Pinch 8A Reactor – Class C reactor that generates 36 power.


  • 24 LAS – x3 Blaze-P ZGW SX Pulse Laser Turrets
  • 114 BAL – x2 Marauder 115N Railgun
  • 82 MSL – x1 Tsukisasu 40k Missle Launcher

What are the Best Battleships in Starfield

  • Razorleaf is the best option for all players, especially at the beginning. 
  • Aegis is a step up in weaponry, but it needs more proficient flying.
  • Abyss Trekker: Powerful but lacking features compared to other ships in its class.

What are the Best Cargo Ships in Starfield

  • Narwhal
  • Dragonfire II
  • Stronghold
  • Silent Runner

If defense is a concern for cargo ships, you might want to think about installing automated turrets throughout your vessel. This means that if an opposing ship is approaching quickly, you can attack.

What is the Class Wise Best Ship in Starfield

Class A: Wanderwell

If you choose the Kid Stuff characteristic, you will be able to visit your parents in-game and support them by giving them 2% of your weekly credits (up to a weekly ceiling of 500). If you give it enough time, your dad will ultimately give you the class A Wanderwell ship that he gained from his gambling addiction. I suppose that’s what the money that you send home to support the family is used for!

How to get it: Select the Kid Stuff trait
Cost: Free

On the plus side, the Wanderwell has an 880 cargo capacity, which makes it ideal for transporting all the supplies you need to finish side objectives, even though it lacks Shielded Cargo like the Razorleaf. It’s the next best upgrade after the Razorleaf, although it only comes with two weapons by default instead of the customary three, so you’ll need to spend a little money to get it fully equipped. Its leap range is 27 LY.

Class B: Shieldbreaker

This class B bad boy is rather expensive, but if you’ve sold everything you’ve seen, prioritised the main plot and faction affiliation objectives (both of which pay more than most side tasks), and you definitely have enough credits saved up for the Shieldbreaker. This spacecraft can perform all side tasks, including eliminating the Crimson Fleet and transporting thousands of resources throughout the galaxy, once you set your mind to them.

How to get it: Buy from New Atlantis Ship Services Technician
Cost: 265,443 credits

There’s a lot of room here, with a crew of five and a cargo capacity of 2,280 (none of it shielded, sadly). True to its name, it possesses lasers that automatically target enemy ships in addition to having some really potent weaponry.

Class C: Silent Runner

Do you want to work as a hauler full-time? You need look no farther than the class C ship Silent Runner, which is similar to the Shieldbreaker but older. With 6,060 cargo spaces, the Silent Runner is all about the cargo, even though the Shieldbreaker is a decent fighter. Of course, you can equip it with more weapons to make it even better, but if you want to become a space trucker, this is the one to get.

How to get it: Buy from HopeTech HQ
Cost: 390,150 credits

Its 1,164 hull and 29 LY grav leap capability, combined with its ample cargo room, should be more than sufficient to fend off any intruders from the Crimson Fleet or House Va’ruun. Additionally, its 300 fuel capacity will carry you to nearly any place in the galaxy that has been charted.

What is the Best Cargo Ship in Starfield

The Vanquisher, with her 4,120 cargo capacity, 1,100 fuel capacity, and 908 hulls, is a reliable class C all-arounder. It excels most in its missiles, which deal 149 damage in addition to its 730 shields. Although there is space for improvement (read: upgrading) in the other weapon categories, it is not a major concern when your missiles are inflicting so much damage. You will primarily be gazing at the interior of the ship, thus it may not be the most aesthetically beautiful design either.

How to get it: Buy from Stroud-Eklund Showroom in Neon
Cost: 335,655 credits

What is the Best Combat Ship in Starfield

Another class C spacecraft that is unquestionably your best option if you anticipate engaging in a lot of dogfights in space is the Abyss Trekker. With only 340 cargo capacity, you won’t be able to carry a lot of stuff, but with 100 missiles and 170 ballistics stats, you’ll be able to wipe out any opponents you come across. It will take a lot to remove this cyan-white ship from the sky with its shield of 850 and hull of 1,031, but if you do need to flee, you may use its 950 fuel and grav leap up to 25 LY.

How to get it: Buy from Ship Services Technician in Paradiso
Cost: 347,230 credits

Which one is the Best Ship to Buy in Starfield

Arguably the best ship in the entire game, the Narwhal is also one of the priciest. This class C blue beast will set you back over 400,000 credits, but it is exceptionally well-rounded and can jump up to 30 LY, so you can get anywhere you want. It has a capacity of 1,760 cargo, 2,118 hull, and 560 fuel, and it can accommodate up to seven crew members.

Consequently, it isn’t the greatest for hauling large loads, but if you want one ship to do as much as possible instead of switching between ships based on the work at hand, the Narwhal is the way to go. A special thanks is out to its 82 missiles and 114 ballistics, which both have a powerful punch.

How to get it: Buy from Taiyo Astroneering in Neon
Cost: 432,620 credits

What is the New Game Plus Ship in Starfield

You can safely stop reading now and choose one of the other ships in this guide if you want to enter the game with no prior knowledge. There is a mild spoiler warning for New Game Plus here. But when you do get to the end of the game, New Game Plus will give you the Starborn Guardian, a class A spacecraft that you won’t be able to purchase or take during your initial playthrough.

How to get it: Start New Game Plus
Cost: Free

With two unique weapons—the Solar Flare Beam and Gravity Torpedo—and the ability to grav jump up to 30 LY distant, the Starborn Guardian is among the fastest pre-made ships in the game. One of the greatest ships in the entire game, with a hull of 649 and a cargo capacity of 950, is the one you get every time you restart New Game Plus. It also looks amazing; the shipbuilder is unable to produce anything quite similar.

This is the guide about the best ships in Starfield, if you want to know more about the best ships in Starfield, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to assist you. Further, leave a comment below.

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