Where To Find Troll Bogeys Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll need to locate a troll bogey for Professor Onai’s assignment, which enables you to add Descendo to your spellbook. Troll bogeys are a crucial component in Hogwarts Legacy. Finding the beneficial, yet disgusting, item should come in handy as it’s a prerequisite for several remedies.

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Troll Bogeys can be obtained in two different ways, both of which require you to leave Hogwarts. To enable quick travel to that spot in case you need to return, don’t forget to go close to the floor flames to activate them. Here’s where in Hogwarts Legacy you can discover Troll Bogeys.

Where to find troll bogeys Hogwarts Legacy

Purchasing Troll Bogeys from J. Pippins Potions in Hogsmeade is the simplest method to obtain them. These cost 100 Galleons apiece, and you can only purchase five at a time due to limited supply.If you’ve chosen Professor Onai’s Assignment, you’ll be tasked with locating a troll and eliminating it in order to get one. The best way to find a troll lair is to find them, although trolls can also be discovered assaulting specific Poacher camps at random and armoured ones supporting the goblins in the very south of the map. One of the closest is across the valley south of Lower Hogsfield, northwest of Feldcroft, which is southwest of the castle. To find the precise location, view the screenshot below.

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogey Locations

There are various quick and simple ways to go to a troll lair if that’s your preference. For example, the northernmost point of the Forbidden Forest has a troll lair where you can battle Forest Trolls to obtain some bogeys.

You can also eliminate the River troll from the other troll lair located to the north of Feldcroft:

In Hogsmeade, J Pippin’s Potions sells troll bogeys, which is probably your best bet if you need them for general potion crafting after finishing an assignment.

Here in Hogsmeade, J Pippin’s Potions is available:

That should hopefully take care of all your Hogwarts Legacy troll bogey needs, be it general potions like Invisibility or something for Professor Onai’s assignment.

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