Where To Find Trolls In Hogwarts Legacy

There are troll bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy. You may gather and create a lot of potions and spellcrafts in Hogwarts Legacy, but many of them call for particular supplies. For example, to do multiple missions for your Potions courses, you’ll need to start growing Venomous Tantacula and Fluxweed Stem. If you are a styled player of Minecraft and want to discover more about Minecraft FoxObsidian, bed, painting, Book, Bricks, Grindstone Recipe, Depth Strider, Observer Recipe, Map,  saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine. If you want to learn about multiplayer, and Broom, Get Mandrake, Unlock Doors, and Room Of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

Troll Bogeys, however, are among the resources that have been giving players the most trouble. Snot or mucus from a troll’s snout is exactly what troll bogeys are. Sordid, yet seemingly rather practical. This is a necessary component to make the Invisibility Potion. Here you will learn where to find trolls in Hogwarts legacy

Where to find trolls in Hogwarts Legacy (bogeys)

To gather the bogies when you initially need them, you’ll need to track down and eliminate a Troll. To the north of the Forbidden Forest is an easy Troll lair, while to the north of Feldcroft is another. Additionally, you battle one near the conclusion of “The Helm of Urktott,” which should coincide with the bogey assignment. Additionally, J Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade sells troll bogeys.

Professor Onai’s assignment will be sent to you the day after your first trial is over. It will entail gathering troll bogeys and putting Depulso to the test on a levitating opponent. Additionally, the assignment explicitly states that you will need to figure things out on your own—that is, by Google the answer, hello!—and that your field guide will not be able to direct you.

These are your alternatives; if you’d like to multitask, you can also try your hand at ‘The Helm of Urktott’ quest. Although it’s not the quickest task, you can get some bogeys by fighting a troll at the end. Additionally, if you play it correctly, you can let the other adversaries you come across here battle the monster on your behalf. In the best-case scenario, they’ll weaken it for you, but if you’re lucky, they might take it out entirely.

You can also eliminate the River troll from the other troll lair located to the north of Feldcroft:

In Hogsmeade, J Pippin’s Potions sells troll bogeys, which is probably your best bet if you need them for general potion crafting after finishing an assignment.

Here in Hogsmeade, J Pippin’s Potions is available:

That should hopefully take care of all your Hogwarts Legacy troll bogey needs, be it general potions like Invisibility or something for Professor Onai’s assignment.

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