Where To Get Fluxweed Stem Hogwarts Legacy – Guide

In Hogwarts Legacy, Fluxweed Seeds are used to grow Fluxweed Stems, an essential component for making Focus Potions that shorten the duration of a spell’s cooldown. Dugbog Tongue, Lacewing Flies, and Fluxweed Stem are needed to make these potions. Now, if you have extra galleons to spend, you undoubtedly want to know where to get fluxweed stem Hogwarts Legacy.

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Where to Get Fluxweed Stem Hogwarts Legacy

The Fluxweed Stem plant is available for purchase at The Magic Neepin Hogsmeade for 150 galleons. It should be noted that 350 galleons can be paid for the Fluxweed plant’s seeds. When you consider the cost of the Focus Potion recipe, this price may seem a little excessive, but it gives you the opportunity to save seeds for when you harvest the plant after growing it.

How To Plant Fluxweed Stem in Hogwarts Legacy

For starters, there’s only one little pot available in the herbology class, but Professor Garlick will assign you to grow Fluxweed Stems. To grow this magical plant, you must find the Room of Requirement after completing the main goal of Jackdaw’s Rest. The plant needs to be grown in a huge container. Then you must purchase the Large Pot and Potting Table from Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. The Magic Neep is also selling Fluxweed seeds for 300 Galleons while you’re here.

After purchasing these seeds, proceed to the Room of Requirement and utilize Professor Weasley’s Conjuring spell to construct a Potting table.

The Fluxweed seeds germinate quickly when planted in a big pot; in about 15 minutes, they fully develop into a plant. You might want to hold out on finding the extra components stated in the potion’s formula since the Focus Potion in Hogwarts Legacy needs two more: a dugbog tongue and lacewing flies. Once enough time has elapsed, you can obtain a Fluxweed Stem by simply adding the Hogwarts Legacy potion ingredient to your inventory and choosing the prompt on your fully grown plant.

You will have easy access to a ready supply of the plant after you know exactly where to buy Fluxweed Stem and how to produce it yourself. As long as you also have Dugbog Tongue and Lacewing Flies with you, you can quickly and easily manufacture Focus Potion with this magical plant in tow.

You should try to get a Large Potting Table from Tomes and Scrolls with multiple potting stations if you wish to boost your yield of Fluxweed Stems. In this manner, you’ll always have an abundance of Fluxweed Stem plants available for harvesting when needed.

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