Where To Sell Stuff In Starfield

Embarking on a journey through the vast universe of Starfield can be exhilarating and full of surprises. As you traverse different galaxies and explore distant planets, you’ll inevitably accumulate various items, resources, and artifacts along the way. If you are a styled player of Minecraft and want to discover more about Minecraft FoxObsidian, bed, painting, Book, Bricks, Grindstone Recipe, Depth Strider, Observer Recipe, Map,  saddle, Trident, Shield Recipe, and how to Install Optifine. If you want to learn about where neonPlanets, Traits, and wait in Starfield. However, knowing where to sell stuff in Starfield, these valuable commodities can significantly impact your journey and your ability to thrive in this spacefaring adventure.

How to Sell Items for Extra Credits

While there are many excellent skills in Starfield, Commerce is perhaps the greatest for those who intend to make their living through trading. It lowers the amount players must pay when purchasing an item and raises the amount of Credits they will get from selling it. They will start off with a 5% discount on purchases and 10% more Credits for every sale, but they will be able to upgrade the skill if they buy or sell enough unique items. The Commerce skill raises all sale prices by a whopping 25% and offers a 20% discount at rank four.

Where to Sell Stuff in Starfield

Starfield has an abundance of stores, particularly on the major social hub planets such as Neon or New Atlantis. Regretfully, though, not every store is interested in purchasing all of your clutter. The bazooka you stole from a space pirate ten hours ago is of no use to the local clothier.

You can now definitely go out and sell your stuff in specialty stores, such as suppliers of suits, gun stores, etc. You can travel through space in search of the ideal store to purchase everything you have discovered on your travels. However, you don’t need to spend three hours going between boutiques every time you stock up on supplies and load hulls—there’s plenty to do in Starfield already.

What is the Trade Authority in Starfield

For this reason, your best bet for selling goods in Starfield is the general stores. The local Trade Authority is what you want, but local general stores like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis are great for selling a wide range of different things.

There are Trade Authority stores on most major planets where you can sell your various goods and occasionally even pick up some tools. Conveniently, Trade Authority kiosks are available at most major spaceports, allowing you to sell a few items without ever having to enter the city.

The Trade Authority can be found all over Starfield, so the next time you’re in the area, stop by your neighborhood shop and get rid of everything you own.

What are the Best Places to Sell Items in Starfield

You must locate a vendor who will take your goods if you want to sell things in Starfield. Press LB on an Xbox 360 or Q on a PC to go from the Buy menu to the Sell menu, and press it again to go from your inventory to the cargo on your ship.

There are merchants and vendors everywhere in the universe, but since general merchants purchase almost anything, they will typically be your first choice. You must go to a Trade Authority if you possess contraband or stolen goods.

Try looking through our list below if you’re having trouble figuring out where each store is.

Neon City Shops

  • Arboron – Buys/sells ammo and weapons
  • Chunks – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Chunks Express – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Frankie’s Grab and Go – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Legrande’s Liquors – Buys/sells food and alcoholic drinks
  • Mining League – Buys/sells mining supplies and resources
  • Newill’s Goods – Buys/sells general items
  • Offword Eats – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Quikshop – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Reliant Medical – Buys/sells medical equipment and treatment
  • Ryujin – Buys/sells clothes and Neuroamps
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters – Buys/sells armor, weapons, resources, and miscellaneous items
  • The Emporium – Buys/sells general and miscellaneous items
  • Trade Authority – Shop in front of the elevator. Buys/sells components, resources, contraband and stolen items
  • Tranquilitiea – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Xenofresh Seafood – Buys/sells food and drinks

New Atlantis Shops

  • Apex Electronics – Found in The Well. Buys/sells components and resources
  • Centurion Arsenal – East of the MAST in the Residential District. Buys/sells weapons
  • Chunks – South of Centurion Arsenal in the Residential District. Buys/sells food and drinks
  • CJ’s – Northwest of the MAST. Buys/sells food and drinks.
  • Dawn’s Roost – Found in the south of the Residential District. Buys/sells food and drinks
  • EIT Clothiers – North of CJ’s. Buys/sells clothing
  • Jake’s Bar – Found in The Well close to the Med Bay.
  • Jemison Mercantile – General store found in the south of the Commercial District. Buys/sells most items.
  • Outland – Found in the center of the Commercial District. Buys/sells armour, weapons, and clothes
  • Reliant Medical – At the top of the Residential District. Buys/sells medical equipment and treatment
  • Med Bay – Found in The Well close to Jake’s Bar. Buys/sells medical equipment and supplies
  • Terrabrew Coffee – Found close to Jemison Mercantile in the Commercial District. Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Trade Authority – The Kiosk is found next to the spaceport and the shop can be found in the Well. Buys/sells components, resources, contraband, and stolen items
  • UC Distribution Centre – Found to the left of the MAST in the Commercial District. Buys/sells armour and weapons
  • UC Surplus – Found in The Well. Buys/sells armour and weapons.
  • Whetstone – Found west of the MAST. Buys/sells food and drinks

The Key Shops

  • TK’s Tactical Gear – Buys/sells armour
  • Weapons’s Shop – Buys/sells ammo and weapons
  • General Goods – Buys/sells general and miscellaneous items
  • Zuri’s Essentials – Buys/sells armour, weapons, ammo, and miscellaneous items
  • Trade Authority – Buys/sells components, resources, contraband and stolen items
  • Clinic – Buys/sells medical equipment, supplies and treatment

Note: Before going to The Key, you must have begun the Crimson Fleet faction quest because if you haven’t, the pirates will engage in their usual antics and destroy you.

Akila City Shops

  • Chunks – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Terrabrew Coffe – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Rowland Arms – Buys/sells weapons
  • The Hitching Posy – Buys/sells drinks
  • Aggie’s – Buys/sells food and drinks
  • Midtown Minerals – Buys/sells minerals
  • Trade Authority – Buys/sells components, resources, contraband and stolen items
  • Shepherd’s General Store – Buys/sells general and miscellaneous items
  • Laredo Firearms – Buys/sells ammo and weapons

What to do of Vendors Run Out of Credits

It’s one thing to find a place that genuinely wants the trash you’ve collected on your travels, but what happens if your preferred buyer runs out of credits?

In Starfield, each vendor has a daily credit limit that they can easily reach, especially if they sell expensive goods like spacesuits. You can get even more value out of these interactions if you have invested in the Commerce skill. Though it raises your profit margin, it also means you’ll deplete your store’s cash even more quickly, which makes it harder for you to get rid of junk.

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